Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1. What are the fees for a plain green loans?
    • The fees charged will depend on the specific lender that provides the loan. Some lenders charge lower rates than others, and can help you minimize the loan costs by matching you with lenders to get the best deal on the loan you receive.

  • 2. How many lenders get searched for the best loan rates and terms?
    • We offer the ability to search through hundreds of different lenders, and almost everyone who applies is approved by at least one of these lenders. This gives you assurance that you will get the best loan for your situation.

  • 3. What is the limit I can borrow?
    • The maximum plain green loan or cash amount will depend on the specific lender used as well as the earnings that you have each pay period. Each lender has a formula used which is based on your regular earnings, and this determines the maximum amount that you will be approved to borrow.

  • 4. What documentation do I need to provide for a cash advance or payday loan?
    • The documentation required will depend on the specific lender, but in most cases you will need proof of your earnings and your bank account information. That is usually all that is required by most lenders, but some may require additional documentation as well.

  • 5. What if I have poor credit?
    • Poor or bad credit will not prevent you from getting a loan with any of the lenders that we feature. No credit check is required for approval, instead this decision is based on your paycheck and other verified income.

  • 6. How long will it take to receive the cash once my loan is approved?
    • Most cash advance lenders offer the loan proceeds within 24-48 hours. Some lenders may transfer the funds within an hour or two of approval, while others may take longer to complete this step.

  • 7. Is it possible for my loan application to be denied?
    • While almost everyone who uses will be approved by at least one lender, and usually numerous different lenders, in rare cases no lender may be willing to approve your application. This can occur because you do not have any income that can be verified, and many lenders will not give approval if your pay is not direct deposited into the account. If you have used plain green loans before and have defaulted on payment this could interfere with loan approval as well.

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